A Channel to Share Creative Projects...

Dreams Come True:  As of May 11, 2010, this is an ongoing personal project dedicated to the band Plain White T's, which has been in development over the passed seven years with the quirky goal of getting actor, Bill Murray to make an appearance at an art show to meet the band. 

Photography:  People, Travel, Music, Lifestyle-A portfolio of things. 


A Blog...

Cycling Across America: I cycled across the U.S. in the Fall of 2016. Though, what is written here are only small fragments of the my tour,  it aims to give a glimpse into what it was like to cycle during those three months spent on the road and to also give insight into its purpose and what inspired the adventure. 

The Daily: A personal diary detailing the happenings of my life as they come as it pertains to adventure, progress, personal growth, and creativity. The goal here is to be as candid and human as possible with the hopes to connect and inspire.